LAST DAY PROMO!!! WouWou Nutrition Hair Mask

Posted by Olivia Tang on

3 IN 1 FUNCTION with just one tube of Wouwou hair mask (SILICONE OIL FREE)!

Use of hair mask is like eating full-bodied meal, and use of hair conditioner is like make-up. Hair mask will beautify from inside out, and conditioner only on the surface. ✨💦

So hair conditioner or hairmask?

You don’t have to fret over this with Wouwou 3 in 1 hair mask! You can use as a hair conditioner, you can do your steam spa hair treatment, and you can also do your water spa treatment with it! 💁🏻‍♀️

👉🏻 Redeem your free Wouwou scalp cleanser (RTP S$7) with every purchase of Wouwou Hairmask!


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