What is Wowo CC Cushion Set & its benefits?

Posted by Olivia Tang on

Wouwou CC Cushion combine Skincare, Foundation, Primer and Color Correction in one.

Benefits -
👉correct yellow skin undertone and dark spots without looking heavy
👉even up skin redness, blotchiness & hyperpigmentation
👉calm redness and promote radiance.
👉repairing fine lines, anti-aging, maintain skin elasticity,
👉skin whitening effect
👉Soothes inflammation and hydrates
👉anti wrinkle
👉anti-acne, anti inflammation & anti bacterial
👉suitable for all skin tone and skin type including, acne, sensitive and eczema skin.
👉FREE 1 x cushion refill

💋FREE Lipstick (very beautiful red): The lipstick is moist and lustrous, nourishing and repairing dry lips, gently moisturizing lips, lasting, Waterproof, no discoloration, and very temperament, suitable for the different occasion, whether you are wearing a tuxedo or casual jeans.

Wouwou CC cushion provides a dewy, clean radiant look with great coverage but does not clog our pores and not patchy.

WouWou CC cushion replaces all the complicated steps on making up from make up base, foundation, concealer & loose powder etc. It saves time, reduce stress and friction on face hence reduce the risk of skin losing its elasticity.



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