WouWou Last Drop Showergel - Everyone's Favourite Magical Showergel!

Posted by Olivia Tang on

Finally unboxing another shower gel to use after 3.5 months! Like the design cause it's transparent (you know what you're paying for) and there is no residue inside.

Effects: WouWou Showergel dispel and detox body's extra salt, secretions and dirt. It highly moisturises and hydrates our skin. Unlike other showergel with only cleansing properties, our showergel contains ingredients that helps soothes inflammation and also healing. It comes with anti-aging, firm body, anti wrinkles, anti bacteria, oil control, whitening efficacies and scent lasting too.

For sensitive skins / eczema / mosquito bites / back ances / pimples too

👉Suitable for all skin types
👉Young and old, babies and pregnant woman

Each bottle can use for 3-5 months. All authentic with QR code.



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