MOOSOR Compound Fibre Slimming Candy


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Anyone who wants to slim down but cannot stop eating? Anyone who wants to slim down strictly not on diet pills?

MOOSOR is your choice now!

Moosor Compound Fibre Candy uses the latest black technology to shed the fats — to dispel extra oil and block off unwanted sugar WITHOUT the torture of diet. They are made of natural fruits and plant ingredients.

List of major functions:
Oil discharge, fat control, sugar breaking, fat discharge.
Supplement the body's needs.
No dizziness, no side effects.
No diet required.
No banned ingredients.
No Stomach pain/Diarrhea.
No Heart palpitations!
Insured by PICC.

Each box consists of 18 candies.
Take 2 candies after dinner. 🙂

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