WouWou Colour Awakening Lip Balm


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💄Wouwou lipbalm changes color according to the ph level and body temperatures of our lips.

It is highly moisturising, can help improve peeling, dull and chapped lips. Serve as a pretty base to protect and beautify your lips.

Love the clip in design which protects my bags from being stained. One can be used for 3-6 months! 😘

8 Efficacies of Wouwou Lipbalm

1. Depending on the temperature of the lips, the colors will be different, personally customized your exclusive beauty.

2. It can also detect your body constitution, the more acidity your body is, the darker tone your lips will be in, the more alkaline the body is, and the lighter the colour will be.

4. Long-term usage can reduce the lip lines and chapped lips. It highly moisturises the lips, make the lips become delicate, smooth and rosy.

5. it can be used as a base before applying lipstick, for a more enhanced finished effect.

6. For people who feel lipstick is too loud for you, this lip balm is your best choice, for natural and beautiful effect.

7. The ingredients are safe, you don’t have to worry about eating the lipbalm, it is safe to swallow the balm oil into the stomach. You don’t have to worry about uneven tone after meals, because the colour is the natural color of your lips.

8. Suitable for pregnant women, men, women and children.

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