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Wouwou Sunscreen Spray comes with a smart technology cap that helps you sense the UV rays at different timing of the day and works as a reminder on how harmful the sun ray is. The darker the orange, the higher UV rays and it's time to protect yourself with our easy to spray sunspray.

WouWou Sunscreen Spray - As easy as 1 2 3

No alcohol
Instant brightening
Oil free
Non sticky
Suitable for face and body
Safe for all age group

- SPF 30 +++
- 3D Smart Sun Protection: provide 360-degree protection, like putting mask on skin, against UV Rays
- Feel dry, natural and non-sticky after use
- Cap of sunscreen able to detect the strength of UV Rays. Under low UV Rays, like indoor, cap would be white. Under high UV Rays, like outdoor, cap would turn orange. 

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